Five Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Card Games

Card games never go out of style. Even the most advanced smartphone users can be found downloading classic board games as apps. There is more to card games than meets the eye. A few interesting facts about card games will help keep the conversation going when you want to play some hands with your friends also online club like 바카라사이트.

1. Modern maps are based on the class system.

The classic card suits that exist today (spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs) were created by the French and represent the class system in Europe at that time:

♠ Pikes (Pique = pikes or halberds) – symbolize nobility or nobility.

♥ Hearts (Hearts) – holy clergy.

♦ Tambourines (Diamonds = diamonds, polished diamonds) – commercial class.

♣ Clubs (Trèfle = clover) – peasant class.

Maybe playing cards helped inspire the French Revolution.

2. Vegas casinos “burn” 

During busy nights on the Las Vegas Strip, a new deck of cards is played every hour at the major casinos. Cards wear out as a result of playing, bends and marks appear on them, which can help players gain an edge over the casino in games such as blackjack. Lots of fresh packages are kept in stock behind the scenes.

3. Casanova is an adherent of card revelry.

The world’s most famous lover and womanizer, Giacomo Casanova, loved to play cards as much as he loved to chase beautiful women. His memoirs reflect how passionately he also enjoyed card games in his native Venice and in all casino clubs in Europe.

4. The “front” maps of the French Empire depict real people from history.

Face cards (kings, queens, and jacks) are some of the most iconic designs on the planet. However, few people know that they were created to represent famous people. Among them:

  • Prince Charlemagne (King of Hearts).
  • Julius Caesar (king of diamonds).
  • Alexander the Great (king of clubs).
  • King David (King of Spades).

5. Maps of war – wanted leaflets.

For centuries, military leaders and soldiers have used playing cards to relax, but cards are also often used as a means of identifying the leaders of the enemy – the real “trump cards”.

The Opponents of Humanity Cards are now generally available and can be purchased under the Most Wanted title. These decks of cards completely mimic those used during the bloody conflict.

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